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Differences Defined:

  • Herbal Dog dog food is minimally processed. For example, the oats are steamed rolled, the coconut oil is cold pressed, the black strap molasses has been boiled, and the herbs and vegetables have been dried. This food is full of the vitamins and minerals that are so important to health. 
  • Not only is our dog food minimally processed, there are no preservatives and nothing artificial.
  • No Animal or Meat By-Products. Our dog food comes in Peanut Butter or Egg, with Very Veggie coming later. The food contains oats, peas, peanut butter or egg, and other vegetables and herbs providing nutrition and protein that our dogs thrive on. Dogs naturally eat greens and plants to help fulfill their dietary needs. 
  • Our dog food contains only high-quality, human-quality ingredients that we are willing to eat ourselves. The egg flavor actually contains real egg and the peanut butter flavor contains real peanut butter powder. These are real ingredients and not just a "flavoring".
  • This is a dry food mix which becomes a wet dog food when water is added. One pound dry mix added to four cups of warm, pure water is equal to about 4 - 13 ounce cans of wet dog food.
  • There is a lot less packaging with our dry food mix than with cans of wet dog food. Our dog food will come in a box made from recycled paper which was produced using wind power in compliance with the sustainable forestry initiative. And the box is recyclable, too!
  • Created by Master Herbalists
  • Contains no corn, no wheat, no soy.
  • Contains nothing grown in China.
  • Contains no GMO's

How does it work?

     Combine equal parts of the Herbal Dog food mix with pure, warm water. You may add a little more water or a little less water depending on the consistency which you and your dog prefer. You may wait a few minutes for the ingredients to fully hydrate or you may serve immediately.
    Feed as a regular food or use Herbal Dog to supplement your dog's current diet.
    As a general rule, feed ¼ cup for every 10 pounds that your dog weighs. Pay attention to your dog's energy, weight and overall health. If he appears to need more then increase the amount. Reduce the amount of food if it is too much. We have found that some days our dogs eat a lot and other days they eat very little. This is normal. We have also found that the longer our dogs have been eating our Herbal Dog food, the less they seem to need to eat. We believe that their bodies are receiving the good nutrition that they need so they are not as hungry.
    One pound of Herbal Dog dog food, hydrated, makes the equivalent of approximately 4 13-ounces of canned food. That's 52 ounces of prepared food. There are about 16 ¼-cup dry servings equaling 4 cups of dry food mix in every one pound box.

Created by Master Herbalists

     All ingredients in our recipe were specifically chosen because the nutrients they contain promote health. Our special ingredients include: virgin coconut oil, a cold pressed oil that has medium chain triglycerides which provides numerous health benefits; black strap molasses, which is rich in mineral nutrients such as manganese, copper, iron and calcium; and chia seeds, which are high in omega-3 fatty acids and are rich in magnesium, zinc, copper, iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and manganese. Our proprietary herb and vegetable blends include parsley, dandelion greens, cayenne, red clover, beet root, kelp, oatstraw, spinach, carrots, garden peas, tomato, and sweet potato. We include nutritional yeast which is high in the B vitamins, including B-12. These ingredients all come in a base of nutritious oats.

Where's the Meat?

     Here at Herbal Dog we believe in feeding our friends and families, two-legged and four-legged, foods that are natural and unprocessed or as minimally processed as possible. Adding meat to any prepackaged dog food requires additional processing and preserving. This process frequently uses extreme temperatures and/or chemical-based preservatives both of which may destroy many of the nutritional properties and benefits that minimal processing preserves. Our goal here at Herbal Dog is to provide a natural-based and minimally-processed dog food that dogs really love and thrive on without the need for any additional food stuffs. We feel adding preservative-laced or highly-processed meats would be a great disservice to our four-legged consumers and their people as well as greatly altering the nature of Herbal Dog's product line. If you feel your dogs need added meat in their diet, may we suggest you pay your local butcher a visit and add raw organic nutrient-full meats to our Herbal Dog dog food at each feeding.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Here are our test results; 

Pet Food Herbal Dog Egg:Ash 1.88 %  Calories 410 kcal/100g

Crude Fat 9.73 % Crude Fiber 2.0 % Moisture (Air Oven)7.71 % Protein 12.09%

Pet Food Herbal Dog Peanut Butter: Ash 2.00 % Calories 411 kcal/100g
Crude Fat 9.99 % Crude Fiber 2.3 %Moisture (Air Oven) 7.67 % Protein 14.38%

Who is Herbal Dog?

Passion behind the project

    This project has been a slow evolution over the past two years. It started when we adopted a half starved English Mastiff. He was so skinny that every time I looked at him I would put some sort of food in his mouth. I was just completing my master herbalist training and was very aware of the importance of good nutrition for health. Every time I opened a can of dog food or poured out some kibble for our 3 dogs, I would cringe at the thought of all of the chemicals and processing that was in their food. My mother told me that when she was growing up her aunt would feed their dogs corm meal with bacon grease. I was not going to give my dogs a steady diet of corn meal and bacon grease but it did give me the encouragement I needed to start making my own dog food using recipes that I found online. Making food for 3 large dogs became a very time-consuming process. Also, I hated the thought of using chicken because of the videos that I watched showing how mistreated they were. I knew that there had to be a better way to feed my dogs that had no chemicals or processing and that did not take all day to make tow weeks' worth of food. I drew upon my knowledge as an herbalist and after countless hours of studying about nutritional needs of canines, I developed a great recipe that was significantly easier to prepare. My dogs loved it and I felt that it would meet their needs.
    I was taking a one-week trip with my older children and leaving my husband at home with the younger children and the dogs. I needed an even easier way for him to prepare the dogs food. I developed the dry mix formula to meet this need. I realized that there were other people who might want a healthier and easy to make dog food too.
    A good friend and fellow Master Herbalist, Robyn and I perfected the dog food formula. Together we went over each ingredient and its importance to nutrition and health in dogs. I have fed our dogs this food for two years now and have seen marvelous and surprising results. My 13-year-old mixed breed dog is healthier and more energetic than he was 2 years ago. My 9-year-old English Mastiff is at a healthy weight now. His once brittle toenails are now healthy and he is well. And my mixed breed 6-year-old dog has a shiny coat and is healthy as well.

Work in Progress!

     Herbal would like you to know we are continuing on in our strive for perfection. We are currently working on a new flavor of dog food, Very Veggie. Also looking forward to some wonderful nutritious dog treats.


Mr. McCoy

"Our wonderful McCoy, the English Mastiff who was inspiration for it all! So loving and happy as can be."


"It gives me peace of mind knowing that I am feeding my dog healthy and nutritious food, it just feels good! As you can see he too feels good."


"I couldn't be happier with how well my dogs do eating Herbal Dog food. My one dog, Shaq, had chronic ear infections. His ears have now cleared up. All fo my dogs have shiny coats and are very energetic. They love the food too." - Syndi

Shadow and Sunshine

Herbal Dog dog food can be fed to all dogs no matter the age, shape or size. Shadow and Sunshine are as playful as they come.


"Here is a picture of my baby and best friend! Samson loves the food! He is 6 years old and now is a healthy weight and has as much energy as he did when he was a puppy because of the food." - Cherie

Lola Bell

"Our dog Lola Bell was a rescue dog. When we adopted her, we did not know that she had severe food allergies. After about 2 months, she was almost bald! We started feeding her this awesome dog food and within 6 months she had grown back all her hair! We have since started feeding our other dog the same food. They love it and gobble it up - no matte what flavor. Highly recommended!" - April

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